H.G. Wells' story, The War of the Worlds takes place at the beginning of the 20th century and his invasion by the Martians ends when they die from the bacterial infections they acquired invading Earth. My story begins two years after the end of the invasion and attempts to stay true to his vision of the Martians and the technology of the time. However, Mars 1905 requires a a couple of changes in the laws of science as we know them today, but is otherwise reasonable for Wells' time.

The survivors of the 1901 invasion are in the process of recovery when news arrives that the Martians are preparing for another attack. A decision on how best to fight the Martians must be made in the few short years that Earth has left. Through Theodore Roosevelt's leadership, Earth makes unexpected assault on the Martians.

The developing list of characters
Lowell's telegram to President McKinley
Introduction, also sent to NPR's Three Minute Fiction compeition
The United States isn't the only country planning a respond to the Martian threat, as can be seen in Poincare's Letter